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The Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS) is a management and tracking system for accounts and compliance instruments issued through participating Western Climate Initiative cap-and-trade programs. CITSS is administered by the Western Climate Initiative, Inc. (WCI, Inc.). CITSS tracks compliance instruments (emissions allowances and offsets) from the point of issuance by jurisdictional governments, to ownership, transfer by regulated greenhouse gas emitters and other voluntary or general market participants, and to final compliance retirement.

CITSS is designed to simplify the participation in the cap-and-trade program for all program participants, jurisdiction staff, and any contractors involved in implementing cap-and-trade programs within participating jurisdictions.

Notice: CITSS is for use by authorized users. Use is monitored and may be restricted at any time. Confidential information may not be accessed or used without authorization. Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in administrative, civil, or criminal penalties. Use of this system, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring and information retrieval. By accessing this system you are acknowledging and consenting to these terms and conditions. Leave this site immediately if you are not an authorized user or do not agree to the conditions in this notice.

Guidelines for Use:

Use of your browser’s BACK command may terminate your secure session and/or result in loss of data.

Within CITSS, switching between English and French will cause the application to return to the home screen and any information entered during that session may be lost.

CITSS is compatible with the following web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

To begin using CITSS, either login with your registered CITSS User ID and password or, if you are not yet registered, you may complete the User Registration form.

For security purposes, please do not save your password using a web browser and clear the browser’s cache upon completion of each CITSS session.